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Assalamu alaykum,

Brother I am a descendant of Hasan Kawayne living in UK. I know the sheikh who met the silte in Nazret in the 70's. He is actually in Dire dawa now. Faisal, the guy you met in Dire dawa knows him. I don't know if Faysal knew this but the sheikh gave me the account of this meeting first hand. Probably you have met him and you didn't mention but he and haji Jamel met in 1974. He actually told me in 2006 that he went to Jijiga to buy corn but went all the way to Nazret because he couldn't find enough quantities.

In Nazret after completing his purchase he met an Ogadeni man who he knew in Qabridahar who told him that the owner of the store (i think he said haji Jamal) was a descendant of Ali Said Hasan.

This shows that at least some siltes were well aware of who they were before the Hasani sheikh met them. How else will an Ogadeni sheikh (Haji Abdirahman)know the relation between his new friends the Haji Allis and his old ones, the Hasanis.

Almost all Hasanis believe that the descendants of ALI SAID Hasan went to the lands west of Harar and still live there while the rest of us went southwards from Harar migrating with the Sade Somalis who moved from Harar to what is now known as Ogaden.

Another proof is the fact that all Hasanis maintain Ali Said as an existing brunch of the Said sub-clan when there are no known descendants of Ali Said in anywhere in Somalia.

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